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At Legacy Online Land we strive to make the buying process of land easy and Bank free. No credit checks and everyone is approved. We remove the banking process to give you access to land you may otherwise not be able to afford, this makes it easier on you. Most banks require hefty down payments to get started, We only require a minimum of $99 to get started. You have no other worries until your first payment arrives. This company was started from buying a tract of land and saw how easy it was and decided to bring the joys of land ownership to others.

How the buying process work:

  • Once you have done all the necessary research and decided on the tract of land that you want. Find the tract your interested in and add it to cart. Enter your information and submit.
  • Once you have purchased your tract, I will give you a call and finalize the process by asking a few simple questions, for example I would need to know: Your Phone Number, Email, What payment date you would like, and would you prefer auto-pay.
  • After this process is complete you will need to wait 3-5 business days to receive your contract for deed in the form of a docusign document via email. After signing and completing this docusign document you are now the proud owner of the tract of land you chose. And this completes the buying process
What are the advantages of using our owner financing:

  • Low down payments, We only require $99 dollar down payments and no documentation fees.
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Easy monthly payment dates of the 1st or 15th of the month as long as the first payment is with 30 days of the purchase date. You can set up to autopay or choose to pay as you go. With autopay you can pick dates of 1,2,3 or 15,16,17 or you can choose to pay as you go. If you choose to pay as you go there is a $12 processing fee but it also gives you an extra week to pay, So if you pick the first you will have until the 8th of the month to pay or if you choose the 15th you will have until the 22nd to pay.
  • We do not do background or credit checks, nor do we report to any credit agencies.
  • There are no penalties for early payoffs.
  • You have the ability to cancel your contract at anytime for any reason without being penalized.
  • It is a simple interest loan ~ you only pay for interest used.
  • There are no balloon payments ~ Balloon, a repayment of the outstanding principal sum made at end of a loan period.
What to expect after purchasing your land:

  • Our job at Legacy Online Land doesn't end after you sign your contract. We will be here to give you any information you need for journeying to your land. We will send you maps or anything you need to make you feel comfortable with your purchase. We don't stop after getting your money, we are here to help all the way through! Never hesitate to give us a call!
  • It is possible that we have resources to help you such as clearing off a camp spot, not always but we do have resources that you may not have at your disposal. Just ASK!
  • Welcome to the Legacy Online Land Family!!!
Now that you understand the Process, What do I do now?

  • Contact one of our friendly land representatives, learn more about our Land Representatives at the Meet Our Staff Page
  • Call or Email any of our Representatives
  • Land Rep ~ Cody Walker - 972-737-2310 or cody@legacyonlineland.com
  • Land Rep ~ Thad Beard - 972-370-3610 or thad@legacyonlineland.com
Thanks for reading and if you have questions stop by Legacy Online Land and stop by our contact us form, fill it out and we will respond to you!