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Meet the Land Sales Squad

Thad Beard - Owner

"I enjoy hunting, fishing, my family, and being outdoors. My favorite months of the year are September to January, DEER SEASON!!"

Thad has been in sales for over 20 years and owns a couple of businesses. He loves making people happy and goes to great lengths to ensure his customers are too. He will continue after the point of sale to make sure that a customers needs are met by putting his customers in contact with other professionals that have a service they may need. He is almost always available and ready to meet your needs.

Contact Information:
Office Number: 972-370-3610
Cell Phone Number: 469-667-7228

Cody Walker - Lead Sales/Advertising Associate

"I enjoy outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing, and the US military. My favorite past time is to travel, I have been to almost every state in the US and I spent time in Afghanistan deployed."

Cody has been in sales for 4 years selling everything from cars to now land. He enjoys working with people and trying to provide them with the best possible service. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that customers get the service they deserve. He is also readily available to provide you with excellent service.

Contact Information:
Office Number: 972-737-2310
Cell Phone Number: 580-583-3848